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  • Qingdao chaofeng Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly called Qingdao weiruite Plastic Machinery CO.,Ltd)Is a high-technique joint-stock company,which is relevant to high-molecule material,and engaged in developing,designing and manufacturing all kinds of plastic and mechanic.The company occupies 30,000 square meters, employing more than 60 people,…

Beautiful silver handcrafted designer inlaid jewelry created by inlay jewelry artist, Kelly Charveaux. Kelly loves the look of sterling silver. When asked about why she decides to stay focused on silver she replied, “Silver looks expensive and very modern. It has a clean shiny look that appeals to many people including myself”. Kelly is certainly right about that, after launching her new “Aztec” jewelry collection over this summer she was amazed at how well it was received. “Initially I thought it would be a look that would only appeal to people who are into Southwest jewelry but I was happily surprised when I started getting orders from the east coast.” The response for Kelly’s jewelry collection certainly has been encouraging and she certainly hopes to add a few more pieces before compeltiting the jewelry line. Kelly strongly believes the reason her contemporary jewelry collection has done so well is because of her high quality and high fashionable jewelry designs. Which as discussed, uses beautiful sterling silver metal with high quality gemstones that put Kelly’s jewelry a solid step ahead of her competition.



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